The Insane Fitness concept was created to facilitate others in changing and more importantly maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fat Loss

At Insane Fitness we don’t just focus on our clients “losing weight”. We like to focus on “FAT loss” and muscle gain. We want our clients to be lean and defined and focus training on building muscle in the right places.

Group Workouts

At Insane Fitness we do our training in strength circuits so our clients get results in a progressive manner. The workouts change before there’s ever a chance for you to plateau or get bored. Workouts can include dumbbells, bodyweight movements, boxing, resistance bands, barbells and so much more.

Workouts At Your Ability Level

We deliver our workouts at multiple ability levels with the same intensity and muscle group focus. We modify the workouts on a case-by-case basis depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Not every client does the same workout. In order to get the results you desire we have our clients partner up to work on specific body parts that they want to improve.

Nutrition Guidance

When what and how much you eat to reach directly affect your fitness results. We will provide you with a meal plan and nutrition assistance throughout your fitness journey to help you stay on track.


If there are certain issues that require a professional we will refer you to someone who we feel can assist you. We’re familiar and partnered with some of the area’s finest professionals such as massage therapists, chiropractors, fitness apparel, etc.


We don’t just train you, but we educate you as well. Having an understanding of WHY you’re doing something is extremely important to your fitness success. We make sure you go through our process and know HOW to reach your goals to continue in the future.

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